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Our models are backed by data, powered through sophisticated
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes

Please take a moment to view a brief demonstration showcasing our predictive capabilities for simulated eye tracking in a part of the
Dune: Part Two – Extended Sneak Preview” video:

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Discover our advanced research services driven by AI and ML technologies, delivering quick and precise results.


Video Analysis

AI-Powered Eye-Tracking Heatmaps


Image Analysis

No human participants needed – achieve up to 95% accuracy


SaaS Platform

Upcoming SaaS offering for speedy results


Data Analysis

Customizable data analysis solutions

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Quant Lab Research Centre leads the way in research services through AI, simulation methods and deep learning technologies for predictive analytics.

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Experience the unparalleled advantages of our AI-infused research services that offer speed, accuracy, and innovation.


We constantly innovate and adopt cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the curve.


Guaranteed up to 95% accuracy in generating eye-tracking heatmaps without human participants.

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Experience the new era of research services with our AI-powered solutions. Stay ahead with Quant Lab Research Centre.

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